Baptism is the first of the Sacraments–the first Sacrament that a person receives as they enter life in Christian faith and the foundation Sacrament for all the others.

The word “baptize,” comes from the Greek “to immerse.” Being washed in the waters of baptism symbolizes death to sin and resurrection to new life in Christ.

Through baptism, we become members of the Body of Christ and are incorporated into the Church.



INTRODUCTION:Baptism, one of the sacraments of initiation, is the sacrament that makes one a member of the church. Although the church offers baptism to infants, it is very important for the church to ensure that the parents and godparents also take it seriously and guide the child.

It is in this light that the pastor is reviewing the process to ensure that parents who bring their infants for baptism are Catholics, understand the implications of the sacraments and can fulfill their obligations.

FREQUENCY OF INFANT BAPTISM: Christ the King Parish will celebrate infant Baptism once every month.

DATE FOR INFANT BAPTISM: Infant Baptism shall be held on the Saturday after the Third Sunday every month.

PREPARATION FOR INFANT BAPTISM: It is mandatory that parents and godparents shall be adequately prepared before bringing the child for Infant Baptism. Preparation includes attending the Infant Baptism short course. In addition at least one of the parents must be a Catholic.

INFANT BAPTISM SHORT COURSE: All parents and Godparents shall attend a two-day course entitled “Claimed for Christ” Level One. All relevant documentation will be completed during the course. All Parents who wish to have their children baptized this month should come with their children’s God Parent on the Wednesday & Thursday before the 3rd Sunday in the main Church.

 INTRODUCTION AT HOLY MASS: After the course, successful candidates will be introduced with their infants at the 8.00 a.m. Mass on Sunday (the third Sunday of the month). During the Mass, the first rites of baptism will be performed for the infants.

THE BAPTISM RITE: The baptism for the infants will be performed on the Saturday after the third Sunday of every month. The time for the ceremony will be 8.00am.

THANKSGIVING MASS: The baptized infants, their parents and godparents will be at 8.00am. mass the Sunday after the baptism. They will be called forward to be congratulated and the baptismal cards with a holy rosary given to them.