Christ the King Choir

Christ the King Choir, the oldest of all the church choirs, has its major aims as assisting and promoting active singing by the faithful (congregation) during Mass and other liturgical services, penetrate its members with the spirit of the Liturgy and to train them to perform their functions in correct and orderly manner and Mutual sanctification of the
members of the Choir through promotion of brotherly love and unity among the members and through active participation in Parish Liturgy.

The choir has 70 members on roll with 40 being active

Main Mass : 8.00 am Mass.                                                                                                                             Rehearsal : Mondays and Thursdays at 6.00pm in the main chapel.
Feast Day :  3rd November, the feast of St. Gregory the Great.

We invite all parishioners who are interested in joining the choir to n contact the choir on 024455112222 /  0233559681 or