The goal of KNOLTA is to render faithful, reverent and edifying service to God by assisting his visible representatives on earth, bishops and priests while they offer the holy mass to perform other liturgical and Para liturgical function.

Membership is opened to both boys and girls of the parish who are communicants, who are at least 8-18 years of age and who are capable of expressing themselves in the acceptable language within the community.
In terms of numbers there are about 40 members and each person is supposed to go through a period of 6 months’ training. There are about 10- 15 active members.

President                   – Herta Atiah
Vice President          – Adelaide Bosso
Secretary                   – Mauricia Awuni
Financial Secretary – Kafui Kukubor
Oraganiser                – Leonard Agbley
Animator                  – Gladys Juayire
Animator                  – Gloria Juayire