St. Andrews Dagaaba Union


This Society has been formed to bring together Christ the King Parish, Accra parishioners who hail from the Upper West Region or the Catholic Diocese of Wa.  St Andrew is the Patron Saint of the Wa Diocese.

The Society has two main objectives; namely, to assist its members to grow spiritually and to provide material assistance if a member experiences any difficulties covered under the constitution. Considering the distance from home, members need to associate to know one another, discuss cultural and developmental issues back home and support one another in all respects.

Meetings are held monthly on the third Sunday after either the 8.00 am or 10.00 am Mass as may be determined from time to time. Members are given prior notice of the meeting.

Registered and active members are about eighty to one hundred. This excludes students and school pupils.

The Society endeavours to comply with all the parish requirements for societies such as seasonal retreats, visits to needy institutions and participation in all parish activities.

Picture shows a handing over ceremony from old to new officials of the Society in 2012.