St. Michael Society

Saint Michael Ewe Union is Ewe society formed by ewes in the diaspora that attend the same Catholic Church or are parishioners of Christ the King church.

The society was founded on 21st February 1993 by a few Ewe Parishioners of Christ the King. The society was officially launched and came into being on 10th December 1994.
The society membership numbered fifty (50).

The society’s aims and objectives are to bring all Ewes in the Christ the King parish under one umbrella to promote peace, love and unity among them. Also promote spiritual development and social well-being of its members in accordance with catholic doctoring. The society maintain welfare programmes including visiting sick members.
The society supports in cash and kind when a member is bereaved. Delegations are sent when the entire group cannot attend the funeral and to support the family.
The society’s biggest objective is to promote culture and tradition among the Ewe youth who are born and bred in diaspora to understand, know and maintain its value.