St. Theresa of the Child Jesus


The Christ the King Branch of the St. Theresa of the Child Jesus Society was inaugurated on 7th June, 2009.


Patron Saint  

The Patron Saint of the Society is St. Theresa of the Child Jesus.

The story of St. Theresa is unique in the Catholic Church. She became “the greatest saint of modern times” as well as Doctor of the church whose writings have inspired millions world-wide.


Feast Day

The Feast Day of St. Theresa of the Child Jesus Society is 1st October.


Aims And Objectives

The aims and objectives of the Society includes;

  • To bring the lay faithful together in prayer for the sanctification of their souls,
  • To pray for vocations, priests and the religious,
  • To help the poor and needy and local churches
  • To help members develop their spirituality, among others.



We meet in the St. Theresa Room in the Adoration Chapel on every Wednesdays at 6.00pm and you are all invited to come and worship with us.

Activities of Society to Date


We organized activities like Bible studies, Bible quiz, Worship and praises, a day with our Lady at the grotto and charitable works just to mention a few. Beneficiaries of our charitable works include:


  • Sisters of Charity, Tema;
  • City of God at Sodom and Gomorrah;
  • Annual contribution towards the building of the St. Theresa of the Child Jesus Society church at Gbetsele;


Future Plans

Our plans for the future include the recruitment of new members through:

  • A serious membership drive especially for the youth to join. In pursuance of this each member will be tasked to bring at least one member by March, 2014.
  • Focus on the spiritual development of members through Bible teachings, talks and Bible quiz among others.
  • Make the Society more visible by actively participating in programs of the Parish.
  • Reaching out to more needy homes and members who are in need.