Number on Roll – 11 members
Our Objectives are:

1. To be supportive of women in every situation.

2. To provide a prayerful environment in which we, Theresians, are nurtured, affirmed and challenged to reach our full potential.

3. Called to Gospel holiness, we grow in our faith vision by living according to five dimensions of Spirituality, Education, Community, Vocation and Ministry.

4. We are committed to reach out to others Locally, Nationally and Internationally with Gospel values.

5. We are to be spiritual in our lives and to follow the “Little Ways” of our Patron Saint St. Theresa, a young nun in the Carmel Garden of Lisieux, France.

6. To be inspired by the Holy Spirit and get committed to the vocation of St. Theresa.

7. To follow the simple and spiritually easy pathway through which we could also get closer to our God, like St. Theresa did.

8. To love and see God simply in the things and people around us and treat them as she would treat Jesus Christ.

9. Theresian International Ministry takes inspiration from the doctrine of St. Theresa, since we have decided to have her as our Patron Saint and to emulate her “Little Ways”.

10. To follow our Motto: Women in support of Women – Reaching out with gospel values.