Catholic Charismatic Renewal

Catholic Charismatic Renewal is a spiritual movement within the Catholic Church that emphasises the availability of the power and the many gifts of the Holy Spirit in the life of every believer, and the need for a special relationship with God through Jesus Christ in order to live life to the fullest.

CCR has its international office in Rome, and consists of thousands of local prayer groups and communities, as well as special ministries and services, in almost every country around the world.

Here at CTK the local CCR prayer group is under the Light of Christ Community.

Our main objective is primary evangelisation and our feast day is Pentecost.


Our over all membership is over 150 but in the year 2014 we had about 15 active members due to relocation and other demanding issues. By the grace of God, we did not record any deaths this year. It is our humble prayer that in the coming year, the CTK CCR will be blessed with both new and old members who for one reason or  the other have not been able to join us in our prayer meetings this year so that together we will PRAISE THE LORD, NOW AND FOREVER!

Meeting Days :
Wednesdays (6.00pm – 8.00pm) in the main church.
Fridays (Intercessory prayers) from 6.30pm – 8.00pm at the Grotto.
Contact : 0546096226/0249494414



Core Members

Co-ordinator:  Sister Ernestina Adom

Asst. Co-ordinator: Brother Samuel Nii Ofori

Secretary: Sister Angelina Blay

Treasurer: Sis Edwina Hihetah

Advisor/Immediate Past Co-ordinator: Margaret Ashon       

Advisor: Brother G. Forson



The Co-ordinator: 0244- 676 843

Asst. Co-ordinator: 0244- 413 275