Christian Mothers Assoc.

The Christian Mothers’ Association is a Catholic women group.
The Christ the King group, inaugurated on 13th May, 1990 has a membership of one hundred and forty-five (145) with about sixty – one (61) being active. Ten (10) new members were initiated this year.
The group meets every 2nd and 4th Sunday of the month after the 8.00m Mass.

The main objective off the group is to promote the Christian Family Apostolate and also to support seminarians.

The group celebrated its 25th anniversary this year. It was a year-long programme of activities with the climax on 17th May, 2015. As part of the 25th anniversary celebration of activities the group hosted this year’s Archdiocesan breakfast meeting.
The CTK Christian Mothers group also helped to inaugurate a new group in St. Anastatia Parish, Rome, Italy with one of our members, Mother Bebaako Mensah being the founding Advisor to the group.

President              – Mthr. Ernestina Adom
1st Vice Pres.       – Mthr. Betty A. Nuamah
2nd Vice Pres.     – Mthr. Elizabeth Rhule
Secretary              – Mthr. Rosemond Addai
Asst. Sec               – Mthr. Marietta Amedo
Financial Sec.      – Mthr. Rita Abban
Treasurer             – Mthr. Janet Benneh
Chaplain              – Mthr. Georgina Avogo
Protocol Officer – Mthr. Kate Dzimado
Protocol Officer – Mthr. Joyce Attiah
Ex-Officio           – Mthr. Grace Amarteifio
Ex-Officio           – Mthr. Comfor Taylor